Orly Airport Train To/From Paris

Fastest public transport between Orly Airport and the centre of Paris

RER Line B Paris Orly Airport Train
RER Line B Paris Orly Airport Train

Unfortunately the Orly Airport train is not direct between Orly airport and the centre of Paris.

The RER Line B train runs within a couple of miles of Orly Airport. A dedicated airport train link called OrlyVal has been built connecting both passenger terminals at Orly with the RER station at Antony

Regards Line B of the RER system, trains run at least every 15 minutes. All trains stop at the key stations in Central Paris, Gare Du Nord, Chatelet and St Michel.

We have a dedicated page explaining the Paris RER system. The RER is very integrated with the Paris Metro and local buses and ticketing is seamless where you can switch between RER and Metro on the same ticket.

The Orlyval train linking Orly Airport with the RER operates from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day of the week. You walk directly from within the two passenger terminals at Orly into their respective stations

Frequencies & Timetables

RER Trains run at least every 15 minutes daily on Line B. Trains run from about 5:00 until 24:00. There is surprisingly little difference in frequency during the hours of operation.

Going out to the airport make sure the train is going to Antony, the line divides before the airport and about half the trains branch off to Robinson before getting to Antony for the airport.

The OrlyVal trains run up to every 4 minutes. A typical journey between Orly Airport and the centre of Paris will take about 35 minutes.

RER Map & Finding Your Way Around

Paris uses a zonal system with six circular zones radiating out from the centre. Zone 1 is where nearly all hotels are and where all the city centre sights are located. The Paris Metro system is largely confined to just zones 1 and 2.

The zones are clearly marked on the RER map, (see link right).

The fare you pay for each journey is determined by the number of zones you pass through.

Adult Fare Between Orly Airport & Central Paris On RER Train

  Adult Fare €11.65

Paris Travel Passes For RER, Metro & Local Buses

If you are staying in Paris its worthwhile looking at the various public transport travel passes.

Guide To Paris Public Transport Passes

Alternative Access To RER Line C Into Paris

Paris Orly airport is also linked to the RER C station, Pont de Rungis just to the north of the airport with a bus service called "Paris par le train" (pictured right).

Line C doesn't go through the centre of Paris but follows the south bank of the River Seine. It may be useful if you are staying in the Eiffel Tower area. Line C also goes to Versailles and also stops at St Michel also served by Line B in the heart of the tourist area on the Left Bank.

The Line C is much cheaper than the Line B option but not as seamless.

At Orly the bus stops at both passenger terminals west and south, actually terminating at the bus station in front of the south terminus.

Comparison Of Public Transport Fares (One Way) Between Orly Airport & Centre Of Paris


Cost € (One way adult)

RER B/ Orlyval train
Any Zone 1 station


Denfert-Rochereau Metro/RER


Air France Bus
Etoile, Montparnasse, Invalides


Airport Hotel Shuttle
Any central Paris hotel


Private Car / Taxi
Per vehicle (1-4 persons)