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Official Disneyland Paris Hotel New York

Walking distance: Hotel New York is 15 minutes from Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland hotel choice

The closest hotels to Disneyland are all run by Disney themselves. For three of the official Disney hotels, such as Hotel New York, it's arguably quicker to walk to Disneyland than take the complementary shuttle buses, they are that close.

Just beyond the Disneyland Paris hotels is a cluster of large 300-room resort hotels, all next to each other around a lake and not owned by Disney.


These hotels share a complementary shuttle bus identical to the Disney shuttle buses bar the livery that take you to the entrance gates of Disneyland or Euro Disney and the railway station.

Val d'Europe was built in conjunction with the Walt Disney Company, who wanted to create a town near the Disneyland Paris resort. It's thus very modern and, unlike all other Euro Disney hotel options that tend to be isolated, Val d'Europe has a thriving regional shopping centre and restaurant options at non-hotel prices.

Val d'Europe is one station away from Disneyland on the excellent RER Paris suburban train network that will also take you quickly and cheaply into Paris. Hotels here include non-resort chain hotels like Ibis and the shopping mall is there for locals not tourists with supermarkets and normal non-tourist retail shops.

Official Disneyland hotels

All of the Disneyland Paris official hotels are themed one way or another and the room rate includes tickets to the theme parks, breakfast and unlimited rides on the Disney shuttles to and from Disneyland Village and the rail station.

You can walk to the Disney hotels closest to the park gates around an attractive lake. Each have been fitted out in an American style probably aimed at an American market, but, hey, this is Disneyland.


Two Euro Disney hotels, (Cheyenne and Santa Fe) are a little further away and are the cheapest of the Disney hotels. You can still walk to Disneyland along the river and lake in about 20 minutes but invariably most take the regular Disney shuttle buses.

Hotels not run by Disneyland

Free Disneyland hotel shuttle bus<

Free ride: Disneyland Paris hotel shuttle bus

Just beyond the Euro Disney hotels is a cluster of large 300-room plus resort hotels, all next to each other around a lake but not owned by Disney.


These hotels share a complementary shuttle bus that take you to the entrance gates of Disneyland Paris and the railway station.

The attraction is of course a near-Disneyland hotel experience at a cheaper price.


All the hotels (detailed below) are isolated. The hotel shuttle is your lifeline to Disneyland Paris and the bus/rail station at Euro Disney if you do not have your own car.


If you take your car, there is plenty of free parking at all hotels.

Cheap Val d'Europe hotels with free shuttle and RER train

Val d'Europe is a short distance from Disneyland, just one stop on the frequent RER train service. Some of the hotels also share a free shuttle bus.


The shopping centre has a large Auchan hypermarket, 130 shops and a food court known as Les Terrasses. There are restaurants as well as the snack and light meal outlets that normally predominate at such shopping centres. There is also a Sea Life aquarium and outlet centre.

We have focused on four accommodation options, all within a short stroll of the town centre shops.


There is also the RER station with regular trains to the centre of Paris from Disneyland in around 35 minutes.

Official Disney hotels

Disneyland Hotels Paris

Cheaper resort hotels at Disneyland Paris (not run by Disney) - Sampled rates early June 2019

Hotel & link to detail page

Double room

Family room†

Kyriad Disneyland



Vienna House Magic Circus Disneyland



Vienna House Dream Castle Disneyland



Explorers Hotel at Disneyland



Radisson Blu Disneyland



Val d'Europe hotels for Disneyland - Sampled rates early March 2019

Hotel & link to detail page - with double rooms from...



Ibis Budget Hotel Val d'Europe



Adagio Val d'Europe Apartments



Relais Spa Chessy Val d'Europe



L’Elysee Val d'Europe Hotel



Also available: † Family room for 4     ‡ Triple rooms only

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