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Airport trains, buses, hotel shuttles and private vehicles compared

Relative Position Of Paris CDG Airport Passenger Terminals

Charles De Gaulle International Airport Paris is the main airport for Paris, situated about 25km (15 miles) north east of Paris itself. The airport was built about 40 years ago and is relatively spacious compared with older airports but as a result there are several passenger terminals spread over a large area.

Which terminal you are using at Charles De Gaulle Airport really needs to be factored into your choice of Paris transfer.

Airport Passenger Terminals 1,2 & 3

Terminal 2

CDG passenger terminals are well spread out and all very different. The largest terminal, Terminal 2 is very long and linear and can take 10 or 15 minutes to walk from end to end, its really several terminals seamlessly integrated and each section has an alphabetic label, like "2A, 2B". If you're using Terminal 2 you really need to know the full terminal ID but this is not always possible.

The airport bus services make several stops around the various sub-terminals but the train station is at the far east end of the string of terminals.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1, the oldest terminal is round with futuristic walkways and escalators and is relatively small and easy to navigate.

Terminal 1 has its own RER train station, separate from the other CDG train station over at Terminal 2. There is a single area for boarding the airport bus services.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is mostly used by no frills and charter airlines.

For trains and some bus services you have to walk to Terminal 1 along a covered walkway or there is a free train shuttle.

Central Paris Transfer Options From Charles De Gaulle Airport Compared

There is a wide range of transfer options to get you from CDG airport to the city centre of Paris. There is no single universal best option, all the services have their own market - your task is to select the right one for your particular needs.

CDG Airport Bus & Train Map To Central Paris

One factor that you need to be on top off is to know where the location of your accommodation is in Paris. The schematic right shows which parts of Paris the main bus and train public transport options stop and terminate in Paris.

Note: during the working week around peak commuter hours the main road between Paris and Charles De Gaulle Airport routinely suffers from severe road congestion that can delay all vehicle based transfers.

Note: Three of the services are operated by RATP who run the Roissybus service and the 350/351 local airport bus services as well as the RER trains. A bonus with the RATP options is that a Paris travel pass can include the airport transfer on these services in addition to your local public transport within the centre of Paris, including the Paris Metro.

RER Trains - Fastest Transfer From CDG Airport

The one airport transfer not affected by road congestions are the RER trains.

The Charles De Gaulle Airport to Central Paris train offers normally the fastest and most reliable transfer option by public transport into the centre of Paris.

The RER trains to Paris have two separate stations. Terminal 2 station being the end of the line and where the TGV station is located. If you arrive at terminal 3, you have to walk by covered walkway to the other station at Terminal 1. There is a free shuttle train from Terminal 1 to this station too.

Trains are Line B of the RER regional train system and run at least every 15 minutes. They alternate between fast and slow trains.

All trains stop at the key stations in Central Paris, the slow trains stop at about 6 or 7 additional stations in the suburbs.

The key stations for visitors are Gare Du Nord, Chatelet and St Michel. Each of these stations are vast transport interchanges, self contained communities in their own right. You will have to walk reasonably long distances, even if you are just interchanging to a Metro from the same station

RER CDG Airport Trains - Full Details

CDG Airport Buses - Cheapest Transfer From CDG Airport

There is a choice of six routes by airport bus from Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) to the centre of Paris from three separate services.

Le Bus Direct CDG Airport Bus

Le Bus Direct CDG Airport Buses At Terminus By Arc De Triomphe

The fact that all services terminate in different parts of Paris, mean that the location of your final destination within Paris may well be the dominant factor in determing which is best for your needs.

Two of the services are operated by RATP who run the Paris buses, RER trains and Metro within Paris. A bonus with the RATP options is that a Paris travel pass can include the airport transfer.

Le Bus Direct run two separate services between CDG airport and the centre of Paris. One goes to the Gare de Lyon railway station, east of the city centre and then goes onto the south side of the city and another major railway station, Montparnasse. The other goes to the Champs Elysees before terminating by the Eiffel Tower.

These are the most luxurious, (and expensive) airport bus services.

Arguably the most popular CDG Paris bus transfer option is Roissybus, operating to Opera in the very centre of the city.

easyBus offers a no frills, budget service that booked in advance can be the cheapest option.

There are a couple of local Paris buses, routes 350/351 that connect CDG airport with the centre of Paris. These are normal Paris buses with stops every few hundred yards in Paris itself. Out by CDG airport these buses take a more express routing. These buses are the cheapest and slowest transfer option.

CDG Airport Bus Services To Paris - Full Details

Van Style Hotel Shuttle Buses - Shared Door To Door Convenience

The classic airport van shuttle operation is available at CDG Airport. The convenience of door to door transfers between the airport and your Paris hotel at a cheaper price than a private car or taxi.

Van Style Hotel Shuttle Buses - Full Details

Private Cars & Vans

For the ultimate in convenience your own driver and vehicle, exclusive to your party with immediate departures as soon as you are ready to travel, non-stop to your destination.

Private Airport Car or Van Airport Transfers - Full Details

CDG Airport Transfers - Comparison Of Fares

Indicative One Way Adult Fare Between Central Paris & CDG Airport

RER Train (Chatelet / Gare du Nord)- €10.00*

Le Bus Direct (Gare Montparnasse/Gare de Lyon) - €17.00 - €30.00‡

Le Bus Direct (Arc de Triomphe / Eiffel Tower) - €17.00 - €30.00‡

Roissybus (Opera) - €11.50*

350/351 Public Bus - €6.00*

Hotel Shuttle Van - €18.00

Private Car - €63.19 (Up to 3 people)

* Paris public transport passes valid for zones 1-5 accepted

‡ Return fare.

† easyBus on-line advance purchase variable fare

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