Orly Airport train services to Paris

RER train services between Orly Airport and Paris centre

OrlyVal train shuttle at Paris Orly airport
Shuttle to train: Orlyvsal train shuttle at Paris Orly airport

Unfortunately the Orly Airport train service is not a direct service between the passenger terminals at Orly Airport and the centre of Paris.

There are also two separate train services, both RER, one uses Line B of the RER Paris train system, the other Line C. The most popular service for visitors is the RER Line B train option that runs within a couple of miles of Orly Airport.

A dedicated airport train link called Orlyval, (see picture right), has been built connecting the passenger terminals at Orly with the RER station at Antony. This service goes into the heart of Paris, the key station being Chatelet, quite close to the Louvre.

The other RER Line C train option requires a bus shuttle between Orly and Pont de Rungis RER train station. Line C when it gets into Paris, follows the south bank of the River Seine, never crossing the river unlike Line B. Key station in central Paris being St Michel.

Orly Airport terminals

Orly Airport is made up of 4 terminals. There is a small bus station at the eastern end of Terminal 4 where the Paris airport buses terminate. Terminals 1 & 2 are also visited after the bus departs Terminal 4. The OrlyVal train has stations at all four terminals.

RER Line B train

RER Line B trains run at least every 15 minutes. All trains stop at the key stations in Central Paris, Gare du Nord, Chatelet and St Michel.

We have a dedicated page explaining the Paris RER system. The RER is very integrated with the Paris Metro and local buses and ticketing is seamless where you can switch between RER and Metro on the same ticket.

The Orlyval train linking Orly airport with the RER operates from 6am to 11.35pm every day of the week. You walk directly from within the passenger terminals at Orly into their respective stations.

RER train timetables

Paris transfers from Orly Airport
Orly transfers to central Paris. Click to view metro map.

2024 Adult fare: €15.40: You can buy a combined RER and Orlyval ticket.

Trains run at least every 15 minutes daily on Line B. Trains run from about 5am until midnight. There is surprisingly little difference in frequency during the hours of operation.

Journey time will be about 25 minutes between Antony RER station and Paris and 10 minutes between Antony and Orly Airport.

There are a number of Paris public transport passes, valid on nearly all public transport in Paris. Unfortunately Orlyval is the exception to the rule. If you have a Paris public transport pass of one sort or another you can only use it to Antony on the RER, not on the Orlyval train. Antony is in zone 3 of the Paris public transport system.

Paris RER tickets and fares

Paris transfers from Orly Airport
Orly transfers to central Paris. Click to view metro map.

To access the RER system you will need a ticket of one kind or another. Whatever ticket you have, (including travel passes) you insert the ticket into an automatic barrier which after validating the ticket allows you through.

The first time, just position yourself behind a local and follow what they are doing - it really is simple and identical to many other systems like the London Underground.

Purchasing single tickets for RER trains

If you purchase a ticket for a single journey the cost will depend upon which zones your originating and destination stations are located in. You can find this out easily enough by looking at the RER map, (see link above).

If both stations are in zones 1 and 2 then the fare will be the same as the Paris Metro fare. See our Paris Metro page for current fares.

If you are travelling around Paris like most visitors do its worth studying the various travel passes available that cover all of the trains and buses in the Paris area.

Public transport passes

There is a wide range of passes and tickets available other than for a single journey. We have a dedicated page for these so you can identify the right public transport for your needs in Paris.

Paris public transport tickets & passes details


Indicative one way adult fare between central Paris & Orly airport

Transfer Price
RER Line B Train (via Orlyval) €14.10
Orlybus (Denfert-Rochereau) €11.20 walk-up
€12.20 online**
Hotel shuttle van €26 pp
Private car circa €60 for 2 people

* Paris public transport passes valid for zones 1-4 accepted.

** Additional booking fee applies when purchased online.

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