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Arrondissement Map of Paris

Arrondissement Map of Paris
With Major Landmarks Marked

Cheap Budget Hotels In Paris ? - Is There Such A Thing?

Cheap Accommodation In Paris Under €100

There is no doubt Paris can be an expensive city and cheap can be different things to different people.

The cheapest accommodation available in Paris, at least if you are under 35, are the Paris Hostels, at the moment you'll get a dormitory bed broadly in the €20 - €30 range with variations according to season.

If a cheap low price for your hotel is the overriding factor in your purchasing decision, then the cheapest hotels are out a little around the inner orbital road of Paris, with Metro links into the centre taking 20 minutes or more.

The benchmark for these ultra low cost rooms in the €40 - €50 range are the HotelF1 and Accor Budget chains, both no frills modern budget hotel chains owned by the French Accor group.

If price isn't everything to you, a solid good value hotel in a nice location not too far from the sights is nearer the mark then there will be hotels, even 3 star hotels, well under €100 available somewhere.

Only in the quietest months will you find a 3 star hotel under €100 across the road from the Louvre or around the Champs Elysees. But understand where to look using our guide to Paris hotel districts and you will find a nice budget hotel somewhere in Central Paris for under €100.

Mid-Range Comfortable Hotels In Paris Between €100 - €150

If you are a mainstream leisure visitor with one eye on your wallet visiting Paris in the main visitor months between April and October for 2 or 3 days and don't want to stay in a dump then your hotel budget is likely to be a 3 star hotel in the €100 - €150 range, although in August prices are much cheaper.

Again be smart with which districts of Paris you search for your accommodation and understand what the French hotel star grading system means using our guide to Paris hotel districts and you'll get value for money for your specific needs and preferences.

Understanding The French Hotel Star Rating System - What Are The Best Value Hotel Districts?

Every country has its own star rating system, there is no universal standard. The classic mistake is to think that the number of stars a hotel has corresponds to how good it is.

In France this is definitely not the case. So when you see a hotel advertising itself as 3 star or 4 star in Paris, what does it actually tell you?

Ibis Hotel Bercy Village Paris

Where you stay and when you choose to come to Paris will makes a big difference on your hotel budget. If you have one eye on your wallet then understanding which districts offer best value for money at which times of the year is key to making an informed purchasing decision.

For an understanding of the French hotel star grading system and a detailed briefing of the Paris hotel districts read our:

Guide To Paris Hotel Districts - Full Details

Getting Around Paris & Airport Transfers

Using The Metro, Buses With Fares and Travel Passes

For the independently minded visitor, the excellent Paris Metro system may well be the only transport you will ever need when in Paris.

We have in-depth pages showing you how to use the Metro, local buses and the RER suburban train system as well as laying out the various ticketing options available.

Guide To Using Paris Public Transport- Full Details

Airport Transfers To/From The 3 Paris Airports - The Full Choice Of options

We have full coverage of your airport transfer options together with comparative prices so you can make an informed decision on the best airport transfer for your needs.

Charles De Gaulle Airport - Full Transfer Options Detailed

Orly Airport - Full Transfer Options Detailed

Beauvais Airport - Full Transfer Options Detailed

Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Buses And River Boats

Big Bus Paris Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus

Like most tourist cities around the world the hop on, hop off sightseeing tours are very popular.

There are two major operators, one very comprehensive with several routes covering some of the lesser sights in the inner suburbs, the other a single route option connecting the blockbuster attractions every first time visitor wants to see in the centre of the Paris.

Most of the most famous sights are beside the River Seine and there is also a hop on, hop off river boat service.

Hop On, Hop Off Buses & Boats - Full Details

Sightseeing In Paris & Beyond

Independent Visits/Official Web Pages/Ticketing

If you are exploring Paris for the first time independently we have pages on all the main sights with all the practical information you need to make informed decisions on planning your outline itinerary.

Eiffel Tower Practical Information Page (With links to similar pages of other major sights)

Paris Sightseeing Passes

Batobus River Boat Paris

Batobus Paris River Boat At Notre Dame Cathedral

There is aquite awide choice of paris sightseeing passes, some combining major sights of Paris with transport as well.

If the convenience of a sightseeing pass is attractive to you, the the take the link below to make an informed decision on which pass best fits your needs.

Paris Sightseeing Passes - make An Informed Choice

Paris Guided City Tours & Day Tours From Paris

If you prefer a guided tour there are plenty to choose ranging from half day Paris highlights tours to day tours to Versailles or even London!

Guided Tours In And From Paris

Visiting Versailles Independently or Tour

Versailles is just outside Paris but easy to visit independently using the RER train service. There are of course many tour options as well from Paris. Our pages provide practical information so you can make an informed choice on how you visit.

Visiting Versailles From Paris - Make An Informed Choice On How To Visit

Disneyland Paris

We have full information on visiting Disneyland Paris, whether you want to stay at Disneyland for a few days or just as a day visitor from Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris - Practical Information

Accor Hotels In Paris

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