Paris Orly Airport bus services to city centre

Le Bus Direct and OrlyBus Airport buses compared

Orlybus at bus stop in front of Orly passenger terminal
OrlyBus - the popular choice

There used to be a choice of two dedicated airport buses from Orly Airport to the centre of Paris, although the most popular (and cheapest) service, OrlyBus, goes to a Metro station in Paris, south of the river where you connect to the Paris Metro.

The OrlyBus, pictured right, goes to Denfert-Rochereau station a metro/RER station just inside the inner ring road motorway of Paris.

OrlyBus is operated by RATP who run the local buses and Metro in Paris and you can use Paris travel passes on this service as long as zone 4 where Orly is located is covered by your pass. Buses can get crowded with significant numbers of passengers standing at peak times.

The other service was run by Le Bus Direct and would go into the centre of the city stopping at Etoile (Champs-Elysees), Invalides (Eiffel Tower) and Gare Montparnasse (a major train station). Unfortunately Le Bus Direct buses were victims of the pandemic and ceased operating in April 2020.

All services run daily several times an hour between about 6am and around midnight. Being vehicle based the services can be prone to traffic congestion delays, especially the Le Bus Direct service that ventures into the centre. The Orly RER train alternative of course has no such traffic problems.

Orly Airport terminals

Orly Airport is made up of 4 terminals. There is a small bus station at the eastern end of Terminal 4 where the Paris airport buses terminate. Terminals 1 & 2 are also visited after the bus departs Terminal 4.

Airport bus and train to Paris

Orlybus terminates outside Denfert-Rochereau Metro/RER train station. This is to the south of the city centre, just off the main motorway/freeway from Orly Airport and before the urban streets start to slow down the rate of travel.

From Denfert-Rochereau the Paris Metro or a combination with the excellent RER suburban trains will get you to your eventual destination in Paris, relatively quickly and cheaply.

RER train timetables

Paris transfers from Orly Airport
Orly transfers to central Paris. Click to view metro map.

2024 Adult fare: €15.40: You can buy a combined RER and Orlyval ticket.

Trains run at least every 15 minutes daily on Line B. Trains run from about 5am until midnight. There is surprisingly little difference in frequency during the hours of operation.

Journey time will be about 25 minutes between Antony RER station and Paris and 10 minutes between Antony and Orly Airport.

There are a number of Paris public transport passes, valid on nearly all public transport in Paris. Unfortunately Orlyval is the exception to the rule. If you have a Paris public transport pass of one sort or another you can only use it to Antony on the RER, not on the Orlyval train. Antony is in zone 3 of the Paris public transport system.

OrlyBus details and fares


Arguably the most popular Paris bus transfer option is OrlyBus, operating to Denfert-Rochereau Metro/RER station in the south of Paris, just inside the inner orbital road.

In Paris the terminal is easily spotted, a small bus terminus by the station and the other side of the road from Catacombs of Paris, a major visitor draw. At Orly the bus stops at both passenger terminals west and south, actually terminating at the bus station in front of the south terminus.

Buses run from around 5am to midnight at 15/20 minute intervals in the airport to Paris direction, 30 minutes later in the opposite direction.

Journey time is 30 minutes but can be much more with road congestion at peak commuting times.

2024 Adult fare €11.20

There are a number of Paris public transport passes which in some circumstances may be of interest to visitors to use on the Orlybus.

You can save time by purchasing your ticket in advance at automatic ticket machines and the RATP web site also has an online facility.

Le Bus Direct

Le Bus Direct stopped operating in April 2020 due to the drop in number of passengers travelling during the pandemic. It has no plans to return.

Paris-Orly Airport by private vehicle

We work with a local private transfer service to provide you with options to book transfers for yourself, your family or your larger group coming into or leaving Paris from Orly Airport.

A private transfer is a great option to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. With door to door service, high quality vehicles and personal meet and greet at the airport, it is a perfect way to start or end your trip to Paris. You can also download the mobile app which will keep you updated on your booking, your driver details and allow messages between you for extra peace of mind.

The transfer service provides a variety of vehicle types to take individuals, families or larger groups in comfort and luxury. Use our booking banner below to get a quote and book.

Paris transport


paris private transfers

Private car transfer to/from Orly Airport

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Indicative one way adult fare between central Paris & Orly airport

Transfer Price
RER Line B Train (via Orlyval) €14.10
Orlybus (Denfert-Rochereau) €11.20 walk-up
€12.20 online**
Hotel shuttle van €26 pp
Private car circa €60 for 2 people

* Paris public transport passes valid for zones 1-4 accepted.

** Additional booking fee applies when purchased online.

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