Paris Museum Pass deals at the Louvre

Buy online for unlimited visits to Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral

The Paris Museum Pass
Paris Museum Pass helps youi save money on multiple attractions.

With the Paris Museum Pass you get unlimited visits to more than 60 museums in and around Paris including the Louvre, and see places like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pompidou Centre.

The discounted Paris Museum Pass has to be used on consecutive days, so you cannot use a 2-day pass on Monday and Wednesday for example.

The day of your visit should be thought through as even the big museums like the Louvre and Orsay Museum are closed one day a week, and different museums close on different days.

For the mainstream visitor to Paris the main blockbuster museums and monuments listed on the Paris Museum Pass that catch the eye include the Louvre, Orsay Museum, Army Museum (Tomb of Napoleon), Science Museum, Notre Dame, Pantheon, Pompidou Centre and Rodin Museum in Paris.

Around Paris there are many châteaux, but it is Versailles that is the feature act for most visitors. There are around 60 monuments and museums in total included under the Paris Museum Pass.

Will I save money with Paris Museum Pass?

You are not going to save any money if you only are going to visit a couple of the museums featured. The longer the duration of the pass the better value the pass becomes.

With a 2 day pass, visiting the Louvre, Orsay Museum, Pantheon and Versailles would just about break even in financial terms.

Of course the Paris Museum Pass also enables you to make repeat visits over several days, particularly useful for the Louvre where you can cover it in bite-size chunks, including evening openings.

It is worth noting that it is now compulsory to book your time slot at the Louvre when using the Paris Museum Pass. You will need to produce both your Paris Museum Pass and document of booked timeslot at entry for each visit. Additionally, most venues are now expecting visitors to pre-book tickets to maintain safe levels of entry during the pandemic. It is always best to check each attraction you want to visit to see their rules and pre-book your timeslot if necessary.

Other benefits of Paris Museum Pass

Orsay museum
Historic Orsay Museum is in old railway station

If you are a culture vulture where the museums and monuments of Paris are a major part of your visit and you are staying for several days specifically to enjoy what the museums of Paris have to offer, it's probably a no brainer.

If you have a more casual interest or are only in town for a day or two then you will need to do your homework whether the Paris Museum Pass works for you.

Apart from the potentially lower admission prices the Paris Museum Pass gets you fast-track entry, particularly useful for the headline museums like the Louvre where ticket queues are infamous.

The Paris Museum Pass also gives you flexibility, especially on a longer visit to make impromptu changes to your advance outline schedule, perhaps returning to a venue that had proved particularly absorbing.

Note: Children under 18 are allowed FREE access to most of the museums and monuments included in the Paris Museum Pass itinerary, but do require to queue up for an admission ticket.

Paris Museum Pass prices and online

You can purchase the Paris museum pass from the visitor centres at the two main airports and in the centre of Paris or purchase in advance online.

Paris Museum Pass


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Paris Museum Pass tickets

Paris Pass

The Paris Pass is an alternative to the Paris ComboPass®. In simple terms the Paris pass builds upon the ComboPass® content and adds more sightseeing opportunities for which you pay a premium.

Like the ComboPass® the Paris pass has the Paris museum pass and the public transport pass for zones 1-3 of the public transport system and a River Seine cruise.

What you don't get with Paris ComboPass® is a day on the Big Bus Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Bus and a further Paris attractions pass that covers an additional 8 attractions not covered by the Paris museum pass, (but not the Eiffel Tower).

Paris Pass


Paris passes
2, 4 or 6-day Paris transport and sightseeing pass.
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